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Most Asked Questions!

Can we bring our own food? Yes! Xzone does not have any vendors on site! if you would like to eat or drink on site, please bring your own refreshments and snacks! We DON'T ALLOW ALCHOHAL or SMOKING of any kind on our property!

What should i wear? We recommend wearing athelitc clothing to play here at XZone Paintball Park! Typically, a sweater and sweat pants work best but really anything along those lines work as well! please wear clsoed toed shoes when palying paintball! NOT CROCS!

Does it hurt? It does but we promise it is not as bad as people say it is! YOUR SAFETY is our TOP priority! The way we discribe the "pain" is more of a sting. one secound it hurts, the next it is gone and youll forget about it! Paintball is a ton of fun and we know youll leae with a smile!

Do we play in the rain? YES! Playing in the rain js such a diffrent experience while palying paintball. if a THUNDER or LIGHTNGING storm were to happen, we will wait 15 mins after each strike to ensure safety. if it persist, we will cancel the day and reshedule the event free of charge.

I already booked a party, can I add someone to my group? As long as youg ive us a 48 hour notice, we will add them on for the same price as everyone else. if you miss the 48 hour window, youll be charged $39.99 per person you wish you add on.

What is your cancelation policy? If you wish toi cancel, you need to reach out via email or phone 48 hours prior to your reservation. If the refund window is missed, no refund will be issuesed.

Do you do airsoft? We no longer do airsoft at our park. We apologize for the inconvenience..

Can I bring my own gear? Yes! you can bring everything you got! the only thing we have to do is chronograph you marker to make sure it follows our safety standards of 285 fps.

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