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Who is XZone ?

XZone™ is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization whose mission is to impact families by transforming our world through mentoring middle and high school students.

Proceeds from paintball support that mission to our community.

We have been in this location for a very long time. Just before COVID-19, we rebuilt the park from the ground up and have been having a blast ever since!

XZone is not only just a Paintball Park! We have more programs associated with XZone like Center of the Arts, Volleyball, Food Pantry, and more to come!

Safety is our NUMBER 1 priority ALWAYS! Before we can have fun, safety must be met in all aspects of sports. Our team here at XZone is trained to constantly be on watch for you and the people around you. 

We are also very proud that we have an industry-leading cleaning process for our equipment! After every use, we tear down and clean everything that is used during the day so it will always be freshly cleaned for the next guest!


We are beyond excited for you to join us!

See you on the battlefield!


One of the safest sports

XZone™ Paintball Park maintains the highest sanitation and safety standards. We utilize the Keystone™ cleaning system from Ecolab®, the same system used by hospitals and restaurants, to ensure our goggles and rental equipment are sanitized to the highest standards after every use.

The Sporting Goods Manufacturing Association regularly lists paintball as one of the safest sports, safer than bowling or golf! Our XZone™ Referee Team is "Paintball Safety Certified" to make sure all of our guests remain safe and happy with their paintball playing experience.

Paintballs are biodegradable gel capsules filled with safe non-staining liquid "paint." (Paintballs are edible, but they taste awful!) Paintballs are manufactured using the same process as gel capsules or pills purchased at any pharmacy.

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