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Team Building

Not A Virtual Exercise

Experience the benefits of real teambuilding


Players swiftly learn that to win, the team has to plan and work in unison. Players communicate, trust one another, develop in leading, manage their resources and time, engage in fast paced problem solving, all while they adapt to an ever changing battlefield in order to win at XZone™ Paintball Park.


Your team building paintball games are designed for your group's needs. Your team's paintball experience is built for your needs; the amount of games played, the types of games, and how each game is timed. Your team members will enjoy a day of excitement and camaraderie like no other while sharpening their strengthening their community bonds.

XZone™ is a non-profit corporation and a ministry agency of Southside Church.

Our mission is to mentor middle and high school students.

Proceeds from paintball support that mission to our community.


Every player must sign a liability waiver. Players under the age of 18 must be signed for by a parent/guardian. 

Online Waiver


The XZone™ Paintball Park is located on the campus of Southside Church, behind main campus building. Follow the signs to the Paintball Park.

6851 Courthouse Road

Chesterfield, VA 23832

Paintball Team Building

  • $34.99 per person, pre-registered only

  • Group Leader plays for FREE!

  • Each player paid at least 48-hours in advance receives 100 free paintballs

  • Minimum of 10 paintball players required

  • 10+ players required for private play and referee

  • Players registering on game day will not receive discounted rate or party benefits!


  • Entry to the XZone Paintball fields

  • Paintball gun rental

  • Goggles/facemask rental

  • Unlimited N2 air fills

  • Professional paintball referees

Your Corporate Advantage

Private Play for your teams; XZone™ Referees divide your group into teams and they battle it out with ONLY the people from your party! (minimum of 10 pre-paid players)

Play with a customized itinerary! Battle it out all day or only for a few hours? Looking for instruction on how to improve? Want to discuss keys to success or just want to play? We are thrilled to serve you!

Weekdays are available for parties of 20 or more!  Just give us a call at (804) 386-6594 to set up your party during the week!

Book Online OR

Call For Reservations:

(804) 386-6594

Fun in the Rain?

XZone™ Paintball Park is open rain or shine - paintball is fun and exciting in almost any weather!

Exceptions occur for dangerous weather conditions; in those instances, when the park is closed for safety, party reservations will be moved to another date.

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