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  • Traditional Paintball

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XZone Sports offers walk-on field games for airsoft and paintball.


Paintball and Airsoft are adrenaline packed sports where participants fire paint-filled capsules through a paintball marker, or plastic BBs through an electric airsoft marker, at an opposing team.


XZone offers paintball and airsoft for parties, group activities, or just for weekend fun!

Saturday - 10am-6pm

Sunday - 11am-6pm.

Private parties are available by reservation!


For field options, pricing and more information, click below

Private Party

XZone Sports offers private paintball, airsoft, and low-impact parties. Some sports may have different minimum ages. For all party prices and information, see our party page by clicking below

* ALL Party Packages require a $50 deposit for party rentals. If party is cancelled, this deposit is non-refundable




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Have some questions that need answering? Ask us on our FAQ page. We'll post an answer promptly for you, and others to read. 

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