Halloween Paintball Zombie Walk

October 17, 2017

Staff Member:

OPEN Oct. 27th
OPEN Oct. 28th
OPEN Oct. 29th
*CLOSED* Oct. 30th
OPEN Oct. 31st

Players will be given a paintball marker with ammunition, in groups of five, and be immersed into a role-playing style scenario where a Marshall will brief and escort them through a town infested with "undead" targets. It will be up to the player to safeguard their travels through this town and make it home safe...

Ages 7+ for the low-impact .50cal option.
Teens and adults may use the traditional .68cal option.

Entry for the walk is only $10 and includes 100 paintballs. Participants may go through the Zombie walk several times with no additional entry fees. Additional paint may be purchased for additional walks.


See more info on our facebook: https://www.facebook.com/events/632338113820955/?active_tab=about