Safety is the first priority of XZone Paintball. We are closely monitoring our local, state, and national Health Departments and the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) as we make decisions about our paintball activities. Please continue to check here as the situation changes quickly.

We are not open for paintball

Thank you for your supporting small businesses and XZone as well all come together to overcome this global challenge.

Low-Impact Paintball

Low-Impact Paintball is great for beginner paintball players and ages 7+, using smaller caliber paintballs and lower-impact paintball markers.

This action packed, team building experience is perfect for anyone that isn't afraid of getting a little messy, being a part of a team, and testing their skills to shoot, communicate, and navigate on the paintball field.


For older age groups or more experienced paintball games, check out our Traditional Paintball by clicking here​​


When can I play low-impact paintball?

Monday - 10am - 5pm  through a reservation

Tuesday - 10am - 5pm  through a reservation

Wednesday - 10am - 5pm through a reservation

Thursday - 10am - 5pm through a reservation

Friday - 10am - 5pm through a reservation

Saturday - 10am - 5pm through a reservation

Sunday - 10am - 5pm through a reservation

XZone offers low-impact paintball by reservation 12 months out of the year every Saturday and Sunday.

Some holidays, such as Christmas, may close the field. These updates are posted to our Facebook.

Low Impact or Beginner Paintball allows kids as young as 7 years old to participate in paintball using a .50 caliber ball, rather .68 cal.


  • .50cal paintball rather .68cal

  • Less pain, more fun

  • Reduced, safe, velocity 

  • Pneumatic marker, similar to traditional paintball 

  • Best for participants between
    7-13 years of age

  • Best for NEW or first-time paintballers

Ages 7+

XZone's Low-Impact paintball is     our most booked, most popular sport!


Party Info

What does it cost for a Low-Impact paintball party?

XZone offers 2 forms of parties for low-impact paintball; Standard Parties

What ammo is used, and how much does ammo cost?

Low-Impact paintball parties shoot .50 caliber paintballs, designed to break easier and fire at a lower velocity than traditional paintball. The ammo is sold by the case and by the bag.

  • Bags of .50cal paintballs (500) - $20 + tax.

  • Cases of .50cal paintballs (2,000) - $65 + tax.

Approxiamtely, One case of paint covers 5 players per hour of play

Some players may shoot less, others may shoot more.


how long will one game last?

  • Our private parties are 2 hours at length unless otherwise requested.

As long as the party is having a great time and has ammo to shoot, we want to continue to provide the paintball experience. 

.50 caliber paintballs, used for Low-Impact parties, are available for purchase at the field or when booking a party for only $65+tax per case of 2,000 paintballs. At least one case of paint per 5 participants, per hour of play, is recommended. 


Each participant will receive everything needed to play for the day, to include:

  • Low-Impact paintball marker

  • All-day air-fill (referee fills each tank)

  • Dual-pane face mask (prevents fogging)

Equipment cannot be guaranteed for parties exceeding their estimated number of players. Parties will only be charged for participants the day of play.

What is XZone's weather policy?

Rain or shine the field will remain open.

However, extreme weather conditions may cause the field to close early, sometimes for the duration of the day. Examples of extreme weather conditions may be a tornado, hurricanes, high winds with rain, lightning, etc. For lightning, all customers will be returned to the staging area and all fields will close upon the observation of lightning. Management will monitor weather conditions and will decide if it is safe to resume play. Typically, 15 minutes must elapse without any observation of lightning. Once the weather has cleared, and no lightning has been observed for at least 15 minutes, the fields may be reopened and customers may resume play with their referee(s).


Where can I play paintball, and are there other fields XZone would recommend?

XZone offers a number of sports, including low-impact paintball, conveniently to Chesterfield, Va and the surrounding community. Participants often come from Richmond, Fort Lee, Chesterfield, and even out of state. However, we are often asked what are some of the other top paintball fields in Virginia that we may recommend. While there are dozens of fields all over the east coast, here's a short list of some of the fields our staff may recommend, other than XZone:


  • Splatbrothers Paintball in Hopewell, Virginia

    • "It is all about fun at Splatbrothers Paintball Park.  Using the sport of paintball, we help you and your guests create lasting memories that are sure to spark a return visit in an attempt to capture that "Fun Factor" adrenaline rush that helps us all put a smile on our face."

  • Pev's Paintball in Aldie, Virginia

    • "Pev’s was founded by Mike “Pev” Peverill with the vision to offer stores and parks designed for all paintball player types. To offer a fun, thrilling, and exciting place to play paintball with those who love paintball, for beginners who want to try paintball for the first time, and for those experienced players who play every week."

  • Adventure Sports Park in Virginia Beach, Virginia

    • "Adventure sports paintball field is the newest and largest paintball park in Virginia Beach. Sitting on over 35 acres featuring several wooded fields, a full-time speedball field, multi-netted staging areas, picnic area, tables, chairs, corn hole, horseshoes and more. Our goal is to make sure you and your group have the best time possible!"

When can I play low-impact paintball?

Monday - 10am - 5pm 

through a reservation

Tuesday - 10am - 5pm 

through a reservation

Wednesday - 10am - 5pm

through a reservation

Thursday - 10am - 5pm

through a reservation

Friday - 10am - 5pm

through a reservation

Saturday - 10am - 5pm

through a reservation

Sunday - 10am - 5pm

through a reservation

Our paintball fields are located behind Southside Church of The Nazarene.

When pulling into the church, take the second right in the parking lot, which will take you behind the building, and the paintball fields/sign-in area will be down a gravel road on the right.

6851 Courthouse Road

 Chesterfield, VA 23832

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