Safety is the first priority of XZone Airsoft. We are closely monitoring our local, state, and national Health Departments and the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) as we make decisions about our airsoft activities. Please continue to check here as the situation changes quickly.

We are NOT open for airsoft.

Thank you for your supporting small businesses and XZone as well all come together to overcome this global challenge.


Ages 10+

When can I play?

XZone offers walk-on airsoft 12 months out of the year every Saturday and Sunday, with reserved partries available weekly.

Monday - 10am - 5pm  

through a reservation

Tuesday - 10am - 5pm  

through a reservation

Wednesday - 10am - 5pm 

through a reservation

Thursday - 10am - 5pm 

through a reservation

Friday - 10am - 5pm 

through a reservation

Saturday - 10am -6pm

Sunday - 11am - 6pm


Some holidays, such as Christmas, may close the field. These updates are posted to our Facebook

Our paintball fields are located behind Southside Church of The Nazarene.

When pulling into the church, take the second right in the parking lot, which will take you behind the building, and the paintball fields/sign-in area will be down a gravel road on the right.

6851 Courthouse Rd,

Chesterfield, VA, 23832

What is airsoft?


Airsoft, sometimes referred to as a military simulation sport, allows participants over 10 years old to fire plastic BBs, eliminating each other on an honor system, in a militaristic, recreational atmosphere.


  • .20g, .25g and .28g BBs available

  • Fast rate of fire

  • Regulated, safe velocity 


Who can play airsoft?

Airsoft is for people that are seeking an awesome, outdoor shooting experience for ages 10 years of age or older.

Being a more intermediate sport where participants experience great comradery among fellow teammates, airsoft is recommended for teens and adults.

This action packed, team building experience is perfect for anyone that isn't afraid of being outdoors, being a part of a team, and testing their skills to navigate, communicate, and shoot on the field.

For younger, new, or beginner participants, please see our low-impact paintball option, for ages 7+, by clicking here.

How much does it cost to play airsoft?

Ultimately, the cost is for entry + ammo.

XZone does not have any hidden fees, nor do we charge extra for air, or access to our charging station. Please find below a list of prices to play airsoft at XZone:

The equipment used and the number of BBs shot will determine the cost of playing airsoft.

  • A player with their own gear may expect to pay $20 + the cost of ammo.

  • A rental player, without any specials or deals, may expect to spend between $35-$100 or more for a day of adrenaline packed airsoft.

Entry fees for airsoft at XZone:

$20 | Entry fee | The player has all of their own equipment

$35 | Entry and rental | The player is provided all equipment needed to play

  • Airsoft marker, magazine, and access to the charging station

  • Dual-pane face mask (prevents fogging)

  • All day use of charged batteries

Individual rental items:

  • $3 – Rental Barrel Sock

  • $5 – Pod Belt with Pods

  • $5 – Rental Air Tank (3k)

  • $10 – Rental Air Tank (4.5k)

  • $10 – Rental Mask (dual-pane)

BB prices (before tax):

  • $7 | .20g bottle of 2,500 BBs

  • $12 | .20g bottle of 5,000 BBs

  • $8 | .25g bottle of 2,500 BBs

  • $14 | .25g bottle of 5,000 BBs

  • $11 | .28g bottle of 2,500 BBs

  • $20 | .28g bottle of 5,000 BBs


Individuals are encouraged to purchase 1-2 bottles of BBs at the start of the day, and more as needed.

FPS (Feet Per Second):

FPS (Feet Per Second) up to:

  • AEG 425 FPS - surrender distance 20ft

  • Handgun 425 FPS - surrender distance 20ft

  • Designated Snipers 500 FPS - minimum engagement distance 30ft

Are there any airsoft group or party specials?

Please check out our party packages by clicking here

What is XZone's weather policy?

Rain or shine the field will remain open. However, extreme weather conditions may cause the field to close early, sometimes for the duration of the day.

Examples of extreme weather conditions may be tornados, hurricanes, high winds with rain, lightning, etc. For lightning, all customers will be returned to the staging area and all fields will close upon observation of lightning.

Management will monitor weather conditions and will decide if it is safe to resume play. Typically, 15 minutes must elapse without any observation of lightning.

Once the weather has cleared, and no lightning has been observed for at least 15 minutes, the fields may be reopened and customers may resume play with their referee(s).

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